Team Building

teamDo you need to build trust, rapport and understanding amongst your employees? Do you feel that stress reduction and relaxation would benefit your teams? We can provide a one day or two day workshop that will inject confidence and enhance trust amongst your employees.

By teaching team members how to give a fully clothed Indian Head Massage to each other you are encouraging your staff members to have trust in each other. Touch, even through clothing is a personal thing and can break down many barriers and issues.

The workshop takes place in the idyllic setting of Heir Island conference centre, which has the most inspiring and relaxing views. Participants will learn about basic anatomy and how stress can affect our muscles, causing tension, headaches and sleepless nights, which can affect productivity. Throughout the day, participants will swop around and work on each other, both giving and receiving several Indian Head massages, and never working with the same person twice. This will encourage openness and trust.

This will be a FUN workshop with lots of laughter and relaxation.

Stress Management

hih08“Men are disturbed not by things but by the views which they take of them.”

Stress Management workshops are also available, whereby the mechanisms of stress are studied in full, how it can affect the body and mind and what can be done to avoid and manage stress in the work and home situation.

Participants will be taught the following:

•    What is stress?
•    How stress affects us
•    The physiology of breathing
    Voluntary muscles
      – how they work and how they are affected by tension
•    Contributory factors and causes of stress
    Relaxation skills
•    Healthy life styles choices and coping strategies

This workshop will provide participants with a ‘toolbox’ to tackle life and workplace stress.

Run by Gareth Williams (Dip. Stress Management) this workshop will also take place in the Conference Centre on Heir Island (dependant on numbers).

Aromatherapy Workshops

hih07Aromatherapy workshops are a great way to learn about this amazing therapy.  Essential oils have many therapeutic properties and when combined with massage, this intensifies the effects of the oils.

In this workshop, you will be introduced to the most commonly used oils. You will learn about their properties and their therapeutic uses. How to dilute and blend essential oils will also be covered as will the contraindications for the uses of certain oils. We will also look at the best oils to use for children, pregnant women and also for the relief of stress.

You will learn how to give a simple yet effective neck and shoulder massage and also a hand massage. Armed with these tools, you can use your new found skills to use aromatherapy on your loved ones.

The workshop will also show you how to use essential oils around the home, be it for cleaning, deodorising or chasing away mosquitoes and midges on a summer evening.

Be prepared to leave this workshop smelling like a rose (or geranium, lavender or other such lovely scents!)

Please contact us for group rates and further details